197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques for People With No People Skills

Learn exactly what to say to customers – and double your sales. 
by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke, Co-Founders, NitroMarketing.com
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"I've successfully used these simple tips and techniques for anticipating the needs of my clients, delivering beyond their expectations, keeping the lines of communication open and addressing problems before they become relationship-breakers."
– Ilise Benun, Author, Self Promotion Online

As an Internet marketer, you know that you'd be nothing without your customers, since they're the ones who purchase your products and services.  Yet, you probably don't realize the importance of good customer service.  If you think it's more  important to have a good product than it is to have good service, then take a look at these surprising facts:

  • 68% of people quit doing business with companies that have poor customer service.
  • It is far easier to lose customers due to poor service rather than for your product's quality or cost.
  • A person who stops doing business with your company costs 5 times more than they would've spent for one entire year. 

If you still need proof, then just listen to how the legendary copywriter and business owner Bob Bly learned this lesson the wrong way.  Later, I'm going to tell you exactly how you can get the only ebook that explains exactly what you must say to keep your customers happy.  But first, let me tell you how Bob learned the importance of customer service.

Bob had been a successful businessman for many years but was clueless when it came to good customer service.  He had always thought it was only important to have a good product and hadn't given much thought to his service.  The truth is that Bob hated to deal with customers, which made his job tough since he dealt with them on a daily basis.  Despite this, Bob never had a hard time getting business.  

But what he didn't know was beginning to hurt him.  His clients hated him and only hired him because he got them results.  Bob was quickly earning a bad reputation as someone people didn't want to work with.  The more people talked, the more they didn't like him, and the more customers he lost.  

Then, Bob woke up and realized how many sales he was throwing away.

"A CRM (customer relationship management) software implementation that does not involve the people who will use it will fail miserably.  Software doesn't create relationships; people do."
– William F. Bendler, Ph.D., Independent CRM consultant

Bob realized he had a problem and that he needed to solve it fast.  His solution was simple: He'd put an end to his bad people skills and write customer service scripts so he'd know exactly what to say to his customers.  To do this, he started jotting down every question, complaint and problem his customers had ever brought to him during 20 years in business.  Then, he wrote down every answer he had ever given to those customers.

Before he knew it, he had compiled a very valuable list of scripts.  But these scripts were unique because they weren't just answers he pulled out of thin air – they were proven solutions he had compiled over years of experience.  The only difference now was that he had put them into a single collection that he'd always have at his disposal whenever he would need them.  Instead of having to remember what to say off the top of his head, Bob could get all his answers in one collection

Even though Bob knew this information was powerful, he was still shocked to see how much he profited simply by having them in one compilation.  But the results spoke for themselves: Bob's annual income went from $100,000 to $500,000 a year.  

Bob now makes more money than ever, and his customers enjoy doing business with him – something that had never happened.  All of this success can be attributed to Bob using the techniques in 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques.  Here's what people have to say about Bob:

“In addition to Bob’s obvious skill as a copywriter and expertise in marketing, his most all-encompassing characteristic is his professionalism.  Working with Bob is a pleasure because of it.”
– Steve Isaac, The Stenrich Group Inc.

“In the world of business-to-business marketing, there are very few legends.  One of them is Bob Bly, internationally renowned market communications specialist, teacher, and author of 30 books
– Business Marketing Association, New Jersey Chapter
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As a business person, you can't afford to have bad customer service, and 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques is the product that shows you what to say to customers when an order goes correctly and what to say when something goes wrong.  These are proven techniques that are used by people in every type of business who want results – and now Bob has unveiled them to you.  Here's just some of the information  you'll learn in 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques:

  • The 16 most inexpensive and easy ways to win your clients' hearts and loyalty.  You'll be amazed at what these "little extras" can do for your business.  

  • Eliminate 80% of problems with customers simply by asking every prospect these 7 questions.  It's a lot simpler than you can imagine.

  • The 26 questions you must ask every client each time you talk to them to form long, lasting relationships.   

  • 12 characteristics to evaluate your clients' needs and create profitable relationships.  Learn exactly what they want and need before they tell you!

  • The only way to say "no" to customers that will make them want to do business with your company again.

  • Instantly increase sales by becoming an expert in your field.  You'll be surprised at how your expertise will increase the number of customers who will want to buy from you.  

  • How to close sales faster than you ever imagined by making realistic promises to your customers.

  • The secret way to tell customers "no" that builds your credibility and enhances relationships with clients.  This is more important than you think.

  • A specific way to spend your business' profits that immediately turns clients into repeat customers.

  • The key secret that ensures good relationships with your most profitable clients that your competitors will be dying to know.

  • 29 tips that'll have clients begging to spend loads of money with your business.  These tricks are easy but get amazing results.

  • The 2 word magic phrase that's simple to say but extremely effective in building a relationship with customers.  (Here's a hint: It's a substitute for "yes," "no," "I agree," or "I disagree" – and it really works.) 

  • The client-satisfaction-accessing tool that gets strong testimonials to attract new customers.

  • The correct way to handle price complaints that strengthens relationships with clients.

  • How to easily profit simply by being polite.  This extremely valuable way to communicate with your customers that can get you more sales now.

  • The proper way to "toot your own horn" that makes clients appreciative and loyal to your company.

  • 3 topics you should never discuss with clients that will damage relationships with clients and lose you loads of sales.

  • The right way to react to the "rule of instant access."  You probably aren't doing this now and it's costing you a lot of sales.

  • 28 warning signs of difficult clients you should never deal with.  Knowing these will prevent you from wasting time on people who won't spend money with your company.
  • The 5-step process you must use to handle dissatisfied clients that can make you more money than you can imagine.

  • The 6 things you must never say to complaining clients.  This is the only way to properly deal with clients so you can keep their business.

  • The #1 rule in coping with dissatisfied customers and how saying just two words can keep their business.

  • Evaluate price-conscious clients and know exactly how much to charge them.  You're losing a lot of money not knowing this.

  • Know when to bargain with clients and how it can get you lots of sales.  Most people don't know this and you'll be shocked when you discover it.

When you try 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques, you'll get it risk-free for 90 days, and you'll also get 10 complimentary gifts. These gifts are yours to keep whether you decide to keep 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques or not: 

  • Gift #1 Exactly What to Say in 21 Common Customer Service Situations – Be prepared for these 21 situations, and always give answers that'll satisfy your customers.  (A $17 value.) 

  • Gift #2 Practical Techniques for Producing Profitable Ideas – These 9 pointers will help get your creative juices flowing when you're stuck for an idea on a project.  (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #3 8 Ways to Improve Your Managerial Skills – These 8 tips will help you effectively manage and guide the people you supervise.  If your success is measured by the output of the people you supervise, then you need to learn this information now.  (A $17 value.) 

  • Gift #4 Improving Your Listening Skills – Learn the "Four Steps of Listening," how to listen between the lines and how to get people to listen to you.  These can affect your job performance and relationships more than you think.  (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #5 Improving Your Time Management Skills – These 7 techniques will show you how to get more done today, this week, and this month.  If you've ever told yourself, "If only there were more hours in the day," then you must learn this information.  (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #6 Improving Your Telephone Skills – Find out these few simple guidelines on telephone etiquette that can help you make a positive impression on suppliers, customers, bosses, employees, and even wrong numbers. (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #7 Improving Your Interpersonal Skills: How to Handle Difficult People – Learn the 7 types of people who you work with and the methods you need to make your 9 to 5 more bearable.  (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #8 10 Ways to Reduce Stress on the Job – Learn the 10 simple techniques you can use to reduce stress and tension on the job.  (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #9 How to Handle Job Burnout – Use this checklist to find out if you're suffering from job burnout, and get 10 suggestions on how to avoid and overcome it.  Don't decide to change jobs or professions until after you read this vital information. (A $17 value.)

  • Gift #10 How to Give a Successful Presentation – Get Dr. Rob Gilbert's list of 42 ways to improve your presentation skills.  This top motivational speaker is also a direct marketing master who knows exactly how to make your presentations more effective.  (A $17 value.)

When you think of the potential payoffs you can get from 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques, you have to give it a try.  Get 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques now so you can start living the way you want to, start doing what you want to, and start making as much money as you want to.

Best Regards,

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill
Co-Founders, NitroMarketing.com

P.S.  Try 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques risk-free for 90 days, and learn exactly how to keep your customers satisfied.  If you're not 100% convinced that 197 Surefire Customer Service Techniques shows you exactly what to say to your customers, then just send us an email and you'll be issued a prompt and courteous refund – no questions asked – and you can keep the 10 gifts.

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