"Bob Bly helped us produce over 8% response in less than 2 months after we started a marketing campaign.  Not only did we get good numbers, we got inquiries from the cream of the crop on our target list.  And, we generated about 350% increase in dollar business over the previous year.”
– Sheila M. Anderson, President, Commercial Property Services

“In the world of business-to-business marketing, there are very few legends.  One of them is Bob Bly, internationally renowned market communications specialist, teacher, and author of 30 books.”
– Business Marketing Association/NJ Chapter

“Your Growth Stock Winners insert pulled a 2.32% response.  I was very pleased.”
Abbe Pascal, KCI 
“By the way, our management really liked your work.  Just thought I would pass that comment along.”
– Nancy Keenan, Edititng Service Top-Papers.com

“As of Friday, we have received 137 responses in less than three weeks ... I believe we have thus far met your prediction.  Again, thanks for your help.”
– Dick Barry, Micell   “Your comments are clear and extremely helpful.  Thanks for getting your suggestions to us so quickly.”
– Bryan Wright, CM Architects

“Bob, this looks really, really good.  I think you’ve done a great job of capturing what we do and presenting it with high-value, benefits language that will really help sell.  Thanks!”
– Doug House, Washington Information Group

“Thanks again for joining us in Atlantic City on Thursday.  I, and the entire group, found your thoughts and insights right on target.”
– Edward H. Moore, Communication Briefings Newsletter

“Thanks for your quick advice on this effort for our client.  They were extremely pleased, as were we.”
– Bob Young, Sefton Associates

“Here is the transcript of the excellent presentation you gave at our office ... plenty of ‘food for thought’!”
– Hugo Tschudin, Tschudin Associates

“In addition to Bob’s obvious skill as a copywriter and expertise in marketing, his most all-encompassing characteristic is his professionalism.  Working with Bob is a pleasure because of it.  He contributes brilliantly, delivers on time, and always provides quality work.”
– Steve Isaac, The Stenrich Group Inc.

“I want to thank you for the help I received from you when I joined Koch Engineering.  You were as good a teacher of marketing communications as you were a practitioner.  I rapidly discovered that I could always depend on you.”
– Hugh Price, Koch Fiberglass Products
"Thank you very much for the invaluable advice on our mailing piece.  We found your ideas helpful and stimulating, [and] have been able to integrate nearly all of your suggestions into the piece.”
– Greg Richey, U.S. Capital Resources

“Thank you for all your comments on our brochure.  It now seems to talk more directly at our audience and get their attention with copy that will get them thinking and acting on our offer.”

– Paul Lichtman, Sensory Computer Systems

“My initial mailing was 1,677 letters into 31 states for a 3.28% rate of response.  That rate is terrific.” Dick Barry, Management Consultant ok   “Many thanks for all your help.  Great job!  We will of course be coming to you in the new year for further work.”
– Jonathan Andresen, Nortel Networks

“Thanks so much for all of your good and timely work. The client loves the way the brochures have been written, and so do I.”
– Joanne Bastane, Paramount Advertising

"I have relied on Bob Bly's marketing advice for the past several years.  In the area of business-to-business direct marketing he is truly creative and insightful.  I recommend him highly." 
– Nancy Pascal, Marketing Director, H.B. Pascal & Co.

"The Bly package seems to be a success!  At day 9 of response to 30,000 names, we're at 77% of break-even with a 46% response."
– Crystal Washington, The Oxford Club

Sizzling stuff... very compelling ... top shelf.  Thanks for your quick turnaround.”

– Patrick Kephart, MasterMedia

Bly’s writing is clear, direct, and well organized.  He’s a pleasure to read.”
– Bill Bonner, Agora Publishing, Target Marketing’s “Direct Marketer of the Year”

“Thanks for your great copy.  This is the first letter I have written in years to thank someone for increasing my sales.  Coming from an advertising background, I checked all famous copywriters and thought your direct mail letters and brochures were very good.  The market confirmed that your work is great.  Your work was worth every penny we paid.  It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is a master of his trade.  And most of all, without your knowledge of computer software, this project would have been impossible.”
– Max Rambod, PC Publishing

“Bob Bly is one of the best.  He’s adept in all media, and has a stylistic range that allows him to communicate effectively with virtually any audience.  Bob truly delivers.”
– David Totten, Chapman, Stone & Adler

“Thank you very much for the excellent session we had yesterday.  Both Lavinia and I feel we got a lot of information and insight for the time we took, and we’re moving as fast as we can to put it into practice.”
– Doug House, Washington Information Group

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