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Part I Developing Strong Client Relationships From the Start

Chapter 1 - Doing Business in the "Age of the Customer"

Chapter 2 - Selectivity: The Key to Longer, Happier Client Relationships

Chapter 3 - How to Satisfy Your Clients by Understanding Their Needs

Part II Keeping Your Clients Happier Longer

Chapter 4 - Giving Clients More than They Pay For

Chapter 5 - Ensuring Satisfaction Through Client Communication

Chapter 6 - Performing Services Above and Beyond the Clients' Request

Part III How to Handle Problems and Complaints

Chapter 7- Handling Price Complaints

Chapter 8 - Handling the Client Who is Dissatisfied With Your Service

Chapter 9 - Coping With Difficult Clients

Chapter 10 - How to Prevent a Dissatisfied Client From Leaving You

Gift 1 - 21 Customer Service Situations ... and One Good Thing to Say to Each Unhappy Customer

Gift 2 - Practical Techniques for Producing Profitable Ideas

Gift 3 - 8 Ways to Improve Your Managerial Skills

Gift 4 - Improving Your Listening Skills

Gift 5 - Improving Your Time Management Skills

Gift 6 - Improving Your Telephone Skills

Gift 7 - Improving Your Interpersonal Skills: How to Handle Difficult People

Gift 8 - 10 Ways to Reduce Stress on the Job

Gift 9 - How to Handle Job Burnout

Gift 10 - How to Give a Successful Presentation